The Evil Campaign

Choices Choices Choices

The past year has seen a couple of new developments.. the Grey-mists that once turned around sailors and airmen 200 miles out to sea no longer exist. Scouts on both sides have reported that there is no visible trace of the Titans on either of the other two Lands.

Pitched lines have been established right down the center of Trianglus as both sides battle for dominion. The Dwarves remaining neutral and keeping their lands secure from both the good and the evil races.

Both groups scurry around like rats on a sinking ship to send out colony ships to establish footholds across the two unknown lands…

What does the future hold in store? Only time and your assistance will answer that. Who will you be? Which side will fight for? Will the Dwarves remain neutral in the new lands or will they take one or both sides in battle?



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