The Evil Campaign

Into the Unknown: The First Adventure

Now what?

Before you stands a huge Minotaur, a giant maul rests under his hands, strapped across his back is giant battle-axe. His pale ivory broken horns stand out against his deep ebony platemail, which seems to absorb most of the light in the room. His eyes seem to burn with a fiery light deep inside of you, where you have hidden away the last of your goodness.

He says in a deep rumble. “On behalf of our Dark Queen, I Glomp do bid you welcome to this the Dungeon Master Bryan’s Evil Campaign. Her Majesty bid’s me to tell you of the differences between this shadow world and the others you may have traveled within.”

“You see, our world lies in another dream, a different conjecture of space and time.”

“In our time the date is year 2 The date today is 28 Sypheros, Your hunt will start at sunrise of the 1st of Ardith. Remember the basics, there are still only a dozen months of 28 days each with a year length of 340 days, Counting the four hidden days.”

“Well, not so much hidden, but they stand outside of normal time. They are the Winter solstice when Evil rules the day and Good cowers inside. The Spring Solstice when Law turns Chaos aside. The Summer Solstice when Evil hides from Goodness. The Fall Solstice when Chaos scatters Law to the four winds.”

“Enough history for now, you will remember more as your new bodies strengthen and grow.”

Glomp then pulls out a scroll and begins to read aloud from it.

“You three Feral Elves have been summoned here from whatever dark pit Her Highness saw fit to call you out of. You have all been returned from the dead. Great is her power and she has saved you from oblivion.”

“A mighty-silent and not so silent war has raged across the world since time immemorial. You three have been chosen by one of the Powers to serve Her. In time others too will be sent to you from her you will know them by their rings.”

“You and the others are tasked with three Quests, or Geas, if you prefer.”

“The first of these is to seek out and find four artifacts from the First war. Though it was millennia ago, the magic in those items is still functioning, A spell hit them and scattered them to the eight corners of the world. If that means the Continent or the World, you are to find out.”

“The Eight items are the Rings of Dar and Lar, The Bracers of Mosia and Esia, The Spear of Pel, The Breastplate of Osia, The Crown of Lium and Finally onto the Blue rose of Roth.”

“Once the Larmosia and Daresia are reassembled, guide your hands to the shattered fragments of Pel’s Spear.

“With Pel’s Spear reforged, the mighty breastplate worn by Osia may be retrieved. Pelosia will guide your hunt to find the Crown of Lium, which will only work for Her of the Darkest of Bloods.”

“Once you wear the Crown, a vision from Herself will fill the Area, You will see where,” Glomp snorts, “to go to find the Rose of Roth.”

“Be warned that only a Landen may afix the Rose to the Crown. With the Rothlium you may restore life to the dead, even if they be dust upon the winds.”

“Thus ends your first Task.”

“Your second task is simply to discover where the titans went to, when they left here ten thousand years ago. For there are no ruins yet found in the first year of exploration on land or in from the air.”

“Thus ends your second Task.”

“The third quest is to establish an Empire upon one or both of the new lands, or conquer this one for that matter. You may conquer, purchase, or trade for new lands of the Empire, Bring civilization to the wilds.”

“Perhaps do something about the dwarves and their trains, that would be a huge advantage.”

“Thus ends your second Task.”

“As she bids, I Glomp am your Master. I have the Power over your lives and deaths, do not disappoint us. Hear now her Prophecy.”

The Sleeping child, the youngest born, lives on in Dreams, though Death has come to Write her name with-in his tome and no one yet has thought to mourn.

The Middle Child who sleeping lies ’Twixt water sky and shifting sands stir silent holding patient hand until the she can rise

The Eldest child rests Deep With-in the Ever Silent Vault of Earth, Unborn as Yet but with its birth The End of Time itself begins

“The First Child of Prophecy lies sleeping, sheltered deep within these Mountains, She is an Earth-child, A being made of Living Stone, Left over from when the world was born. To our knowledge she is the last of her race, which the Titans Fashioned out of Living Earth. The ribs of her body are made of the same living stone that comprises the Vault, It would act as a Key to it, we she to fall into the hands of the F’Dor. And they know she is here.”

“The Second Child mentioned is the start that fell millennia ago into the sea on the other side of the world, the same start that shattered the Vault. That burning star, which slept beneath the sea for thousands of years, Rose and Consumed the Island of Serrendair in a Fiery Cataclysm centuries ago. And for all the destruction that ensued, for all the lives lost , she brought far less damage then the other two could.”

“Long ago at the Beginning of Time, When There were none but the firstborn elemental races, the F’dor stole something from the Dragons – From the Progenitor of the Race, The Eldest of all Wyrms. It was an Egg! They took this nascent Dragon, the unborn Wyrm, which had in its blood all the elements, and twisted it, made it impure, though it was kept in a state of stasis, allowed to grow until it became part of the very fabric of the world. Deeper even then the Vault, lies the sleeping child, a beast of unimaginable size, slumbering in cold down-world caverns. Waiting for its Name to be Called as all Dragons must to be summoned to Life.”

“It has grown thus and remained unchecked, asleep, because the F’Dor were imprisoned within the Vault, all the Heat of their Evil Fire was taken from them. But should they be freed they will immediately call it to Life.”

“And it will Awaken.”

“It WILL consume the World, and all of your kind.”

“Some seek to open the vault and they think they can control the minds of the F’Dor, Chaos Has No Mind, its only goal is to destroy, Everything.”

“In Flamedair near the western borders you will find a Forged One who has Named himself Lar, Yesterday he left Flamekeep for a patrol along our borders he runs with a small company of troops. The ring he bears hides him from more, exact scrying.”

“To the south in Cerelund near the river you will find a second Forged One who is of course named Dar. He too is hidden from Direct Scrying, but the squad of troops with him is not.”

“A Choice You must make, Do you go West or South?”

“We place the choice in your hands.”

A pair of scroll’s appear in OVallah’s hands.

“When you are ready, you have simply to read the scroll. They will teleport you to a perfect ambush spot for either.”

“When you have accomplished these tasks, I will know and you will be contacted, unless other plans require my presence. In which case you will continue as you will.”

Glomp Fades away into the Darkness.

You Do remember dieing.

But as for the rest, can you really believe that a minotaur and his Dark Queen are trying to save the world from some-one or thing called the F’Dor and that non-sense about the Prophecy and the great beast, let alone some placed called the Vault.



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