The Evil Campaign

Part V To the New World

The Elves are given charge of the contents of Haven’s Ark. Containing the expedition that Haven was planning on sending to the New World and all the supplies that the Princess could get her hands upon.

They Set sail on course to 190* hoping to end up above a mountain 1500 Miles Away. They Set sail with a full crew of Landlubbers, even the officers.

One of the Air Elementals got loose from a faulty sealing stone, it just created a few Healing Chimes to be given to the other Air Elementals so they could Heal themselves. And not be destroyed by the Engines.

There was also a small mix-up with the oil burning engine, some joker loaded it with trash, thinking it was an incinerator.. It had to be taken apart and fully cleaned. It worked properly now. There is a 100 Tons of Fuel Oil (50,000 Gallons) Enough to power it continuously for 1000 Hours at 50 PF Thrust.

The Turbine Engine also seized up on them, Someone Else apparently was supposed to put the oil into it. To keep the gears from binding.

Needless to say anything that could go wrong with an airship short of encountering anything hostile with no weapons of war did go wrong.

Reaching the Plateau they turn to heading 220* for 150 miles until they come to a fork in a mighty river where they arbitrary decided to base their Empire at.

All their mounted units were sent out to scout the surrounding area. Within a 50 miles radius, the same area that the Reactive Map’s on-board the Ark display. Only three things of mention were reported.

To the North about 45 miles a large group of Giant Ants were reported.
To the West about 15 miles were a couple of herds of Walking Cows were reported.
To the South about 30 miles were a lot of Giant Walking Lizards.

They decided to head south towards the Lizardmen, Bringing the entire army with them, a force some four hundred strong of Infantry and Light Calvary.

Zentis uses his power of Knowledge to learn that the Lizardmen worship Raptors. Thorndale Calls Woodland brings to summon any nearby Raptors. There were four with tribal warpaint on them answer his Call.

The Elves mount up on the Raptors and entered the Lizardmen camp. All the lizard men genuflected when they saw the Raptors. Eventually one was found that spoke Elven to serve as a Translator.

The Warlord of this Tribe is one known as Ssisal. He spoke words of homage to those that rode the Masters and described the area fairly decently, not mentioning either the Cows or Ants. He mentioned also that the Lizardmen their were wanderers, nomads without a permanent home.

The Elves offered the Lizardmen to settle in the Swamps and plains Just south of where the Castle Blackheart will be built. They agree. Thorndale offers a spear to Ssisal who accepts it.

The Elves return north, this journey takes a week to move all the troops as one unit.

Once they arrive at the Landing Grounds they find the great Ark of Haven has been fully opened up and is in the process of being disassembled to use the finished timbers for construction of their Empire’s Stronghold. The Civilians are well underhand being directed by an old Elf that has a Metallic Elf keeping inventory of every piece of gear.



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