The Evil Campaign

Part II: Into the Valley of Haven

The valley of Haven was a peaceful land. Its crops were abundant, its citizens prosperous. Elves, Dwarves, Halflings lived together in harmony. Hidden away in the heart of the Thunder Mountains, haven was a safe place to live. The rivers were sweet and pure; the weather was pleasant and warm.

One reason Haven was so peaceful was due to the presence of the Protectors, a magical race, from the land of Faerie. These mysterious green beings are a gentle folks and their magic helps wards off evil. They helped the crops to grow and the land of Haven to prosper.

The ruler of Haven was the fair Princess Argenta. She lived in a palace made of white shining marble, which when the sun set, glowed like silver. Princess Argenta was beloved by all her people. She was just, fair and friendly to all.

One day, the dwarves of Haven found a ruby the size of an apple while digging in a new mine. As a token of their devotion, they gave the ruby to Princess Argenta. The dwarves named the ruby “My Lady’s Heart”. The princess was so pleased with the gift that she invited all the realm to attend a celebration to see the wondrous gem. The dwarves were to be the guests of honor. It was to be a grand day of feasting and fun.

The day before the celebration a strange visitor arrived. He flew into the valley riding a white dragon. The rider was dressed all in black. He had pale skin, long blond hair and a short blond beard. Since Haven was noted for its hospitality, the princess invited the stranger to stay at the palace. She also granted his request to escort her to the celebration.

At Midnight, Disaster struck. Dark clouds hid the moon and a freezing wind blew through the valley. The crops withered in the fields. Cattle grew sick. The valley began to die.

From the palace came an explosion and parts of the walls came tumbling down. When the dust cleared it could be seen that a ruby glow surrounded the entire palace.

Haven now lies in chaos. Raiding bands of orcs, goblins, and hobgoblins terrorize the countryside. The disaster happened so suddenly that the citizens are confused and helpless. Without their leaders, who are trapped in the palace, they have no courage to fight back. Even the Protectors have disappeared. The situation has become desperate.

After 20 real minutes elapsed from when Glomp disappeared. The party then found themselves about half a mile from the Palace of Haven

A Protector appears to you and and speaks to the party.

“Haven is in dire trouble. We do no know what caused the disaster, but we do know that the reason can be found somewhere in the palace. Allies of the evil that has attacked Haven have challenged the Protectors and we are under siege. We cannot help Haven, but you can. The princess needs you; the people of Haven need you. You are Haven’s only hope. We beg you to find the source of the evil that has over-taken Haven, and destroy that evil. If you will go, We will open the way into and out of the palace for you. we will also give you all the help we can, but our power is limited. The future of Haven is in your hands.”

Approximately a half mile from the palace you can see that part of its left side has been destroyed. Stone blocks and rubble cover the mountain side. You also see that almost all of the castle and many parts of the surrounding land glow a soft red. All plant life, except some strange looking thorn bushes and white roses, has died wherever the red glow radiates.

As you travel closer to the palace, a trail untouched by the red glow appears. The trail leads directly to the entrance way of the palace. The main entrance into the palace is the only part of the palace that does not glow red. The massive, Barred portcullis which usually blocks the entrance is raised.

Your party startles a rat near the entrance. it darts out into the red glowing area, and suddenly stops, shakes a bit, and then dies. You noticed that other small, unfortunate creatures lie dead inside the red area.

The Feral Elves creep inside the open entrance way being careful to avoid stepping into any area glowing red.

Reaching the entrance of the palace, the heavy iron portcullis is raised. Entry into the palace looks clear. searching the entrance a trap is discovered and, the dart narrowly missing pat is disarmed. the way is clear so they go into the palace.

As soon as the last character enters the palace the portcullis crashes shut behind them. The red glow now covers the entire entrance way, blocking the exit. The inside of the palace does not glow red. Searching the area, nothing is found. A door to the east and west leave the courtyard and two the south are two smaller portcullises.

Approaching the East door first, attempting to listen through the door, the rattling of chains is coming from behind the door. Busting open the door they surprise two man-sized skeletons. Iron shackles and lengths of chain are fastened around the skeletons’ wrist bones. The skeletons hold swards and are facing away from the door. The skeletons are short work from the two of them. The room holds a lever labeled B in the down position, they raise it to the Up position.

Returning to the court yard they see that the portcullis’s are not raised. they enter the West door attacking a giant rat they find trapped inside the room, it too is slain. A second lever labeled A is found in this room, when it is lifted up they heard a grating, grinding sound as both the inner portcullis’s open up.

They choose to enter the eastern portcullis and come to a hallway going straight or left, they choose to follow the left wall and after a couple turns find themselves in a a caved filled with a pool of water. A small ledge circles the pool, running along the east wall of the cave, the Ledge is only wide enough for one person to walk along it without falling into the water. In the middle of the pool you see a disturbance in the water. There are several 3’ long creatures swimming towards you. The creatures look like weasels.

They too are shortly dispatched the party then retraces their steps and comes to an unlocked door, opening it they see the a small 20×20 room with the walls covered with a green oozing slime. Except for the slime, the room appeared empty, they closed And locked the door.

Following the wall again they come to a second pool, this one however is a bubbling gray pool of liquid. The cave smells foul. The pool is surround by coarse red sand. the sandy ledge surrounding the pool on the south and west side is only wide enough for one person to stand on without touching the liquid.

A body is found in the liquid, which was found out to be sulpher, the body was long decayed save for a small pouch containing 133 gold and a silver wolf-headed ring with two small sapphires for eyes. (appraised at 300g)

The next room they discover is a storeroom filled with crates full of iron rations.

They then found an area that seems to have been in some kind of explosion or earthquake. Stairs once led up out of this area. Rubble covers the floor and blocks the stairs. Through cracks in the rubble, you catch a faint glimpse of a red glow outside the palace.

They heard the clicking of giant mandibles, but could not locate where it was coming from.

The next room contained a small fountain of water in one corner of the room. Tapestries hang along both the north and south walls; one shows a scene of a young maiden with golden hair sitting on a silver throne. Upon her head rests a crown of silver and rubies. In one hand she holds a silver scepter and in the other she holds a large ruby. The other tapestry shows a warrior in black plate mail resting causally in a wooden chair decorated with carvings, his feet are propped upon a stool.

The party then enters into an anteroom that is a 10’ wide semi-circular alcove. On either side of the alcove are two statues of the warrior carved from a clear crystal. There are two doors leading out of the room. they choose the left door.

Coming to a fork they go left, as usual and enter into a room on their right hand side.

The room is full of shelves full of books and scrolls, there are also a number of wooden tables and chairs in the room, they notice that the room has more candles to light it then is usual, the candles are not lit at present. Against the south wall is a fireplace which is also unlit.

As the party is exploring the room a giant spider jumps down and attacks them attempting to sting one of them. but misses the attack. The giant crap spider is dealt with shortly and a magical scroll is discovered stuck inside of a spiderweb in a corner with the word “Web” scribed upon it.

Continuing down the hall the party comes to a locked door..

(The adventure will continue from this point at 16Feb2011@1830.)



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