Eli Ivory

I am a Bounty Hunter


Name: Eli Ivory
Player: Andy Brooks
Class: Huntsman
Level: 3
Race: Feral Elf
Type: Grey Opal
Alignment: Lawfull Evil
Religion: ?
Size: M
Age: 200
Gender: M
Height: 4’6" +d6"
Weight: 100 +2d20 #

Strength: 14 Modifier +2
Dexterity: 19 Modifier +4
Constitution: 12 Modifier: +1
Intellect: 14 Modifier: +2
Wisdom: 14 Modifier: +2
Charisma: 10

AC: 19 =10+4+5 Touch: 15 Flat-footed: 15
HP: 40
Action Points:
Inititive: 8=71

Fortitude Save: 4=1+3
Reflex Save: 7=4+3
Will save: 4=2+2

Base Attack Bonus: 3
Ranged Attack Bonus: +5
Spell Resistance: 8
Grapple: 2=2

Speed/movement: 30

Comp Long Bow
Attack Bonus: 9=2+2+5 Damage: 1d6+2 or 1d8+2 Critical: 20×3 Ammo: 20 Arrows

Long Sword:
Attack Bonus: 6=2+1+3 Damage: 1d8+2 Critical: 19-20×2

Animal Lore wis 7=5+2
Animal Kin cha 5=5+0
Cartography int 5=3+2
Climbing 16=12+4
Craft: Leatherworking int 7=5+2
Hide dex 9=5+4
Know Direction wis 5=3+2
Listen wis 7=5+2
Monster Lore 7=5+2
Move Silent dex 14=10+4
Navigation int 7=5+2
Riding dex 5=1+4
Running con 2=1+1
Search int 7=5+2
Skinning 3=1+2
Swimming 3=1+2
Spot wis 11=9+2
Tracking (animals) wis 7=5+2
Tracking (humans) Wis 17=10+5+7

Light Armor
Medium Armor
Quarterstaff 1
Short Sword 1
Short Bow 2
Raiper 1
Long Sword 5
Long Bow 5


Language: Druidic and Feral Elf

Leather Backpack
Leather sack (4020 Guilder)

Copper: 0, Silver: 0, Gold: 0, Platinum: 0, Gems: 0, Art: 0

The Long Shot: Reroll any missed roll.
Bane Elf:
Rapid Shot:

Special Abilities:
Huntsman (ranger)
Wild Empathy = Animal Kin Skill check
Favorite Enemy: Non-druidic Human’s
Endurance: +4 Bonus vs Swim checks to resist nonlethal damage, Running checks, and con checks to resist nonlethal damage from forced marches, con checks to hold your breath, and con checks to avoid nonlethal damage from thirst or starvation, fort saves to resist dmg from suffication, fort saves to avoid nonlethal damage from cold or hot environments, Also may sleep in Light or Medium Armor without becoming fatigued.

Experience Points: 3550, Level: 3, Experience needed for next level: 6,000


Feral Elf Bounty Hunter, he wears a set of Ebony studded rhino hide for armor enchanted per the item. Looking at him you can see he is armed with ? and ?. You also notice this about him, ?. On one of his hands he bears an carved ebony ring set with a large opal that almost seems to give off a light that can only be seen by infra-vision.

He likes to ?? and to ??

He hates ?? because ??
He works for the Druid Council as an Enforcer, hunts those humans who refuse to follow the old ways. Especially those that follow the Golden Dragon’s teachings of equality for all.

His dream or “primary goal” is to??
His first goal is to??
Then what?

Whats his motivation?

Eli Ivory

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