OVallah Wyldmane


Name: O’Vallah Wyldmane
Player: Patrick Ryan
Class: Thief/rogue
Race: Feral Elf
Type: Grey Bloodstone
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Religion: The Fire Elemental
Size: M
Age: 200 Gender:
M Height: 5 foot
Weight: 100 Region: ?

Strength: 10 Modifier: 0,
Dexterity:24 w/ (+2 Dex Artifact Ring), +2 gloves of Dexterity Modifier: +9
Constitution: 12 Modifier: +1
Intellect: 11 Modifier: 0
Wisdom: 12 Modifier: +1
Charisma: 10 Modifier: 0

AC: 23=10+4+0+7+2(1 Artifact) Touch: 17 Flat-footed: 12
HP: 72
Action Points: 8
Damage Reduction: +2 Slashing
Inititive: 9=7
2 (+2 Dex Gold Dwarf(Artifact)ring and +2 gloves of dex.)

Fortitude Save: 3=2+1
Reflex Save: 15=6+9
Will save: 3=2+1

Base Attack Bonus: 15/10
Spell Resistance: 13
Grapple: 15=15+0+0+0
Speed/movement: 40

Long Bow:
Attack Bonus: 15/10 Damage: 1d6 1d8 Critical: 20×3 Ammo: 20 Arrows

Long Sword: Main Hand Weapon
Attack Bonus: 15/10 Dual Wield: 13/8 Damage: 1d6 1d8 Critical: 19-20×2

Short Sword: Off Hand Weapon
Attack Bonus: 15 Dual Wield: 11 Damage: 1d4 1d6

Melee Attack Option:
Main Hand: Long Sword 13
Off Hand: Short Sword 10
Second Atack
Main Hand: Long Sword 08
Off Hand: Short Sword 04

appraise int 1=1+0+0
balance dex 8=7+0+1
bluff cha 4=0+4+0
climb str 4=0+4+0
consintration con 1=1+0+0
craft int 1=1+0+0
dicipher script int 5=1+4+0
diplomacy cha 0=0+0+0
disable device int 12=1+9+2
disguise cha 0=0+0+0
escape artist dex 10=7+0+1+2
forgery int 1=1+0+0
gather information cha 4=0+0+0+4
handle animal cha 0=0+0+0
heal wis 1=1+0+0
hide dex 29=7+11+1 Glove of Dex 10 Cloak of Elven Kind
intimidated cha 0=0
jump str 0=0+0+0
Knowledge Animal int 3=1+0+2
knowledge plant int 3=1+0+2
listen wis 9=1+8+0
move silently dex 20=7+11+1
open locks dex 12=7+4+1
perform cha 0=0+0+0
profession wis 1=1+0+0
ride dex 8=7+0+1
search int 7=1+6+0
sence motive wis 1=1+0+0
slight of hand dex 8=7+0+1
spell craft int 1=1+0+0
spot wis 5=1+4+0
survival wis 3=1+0+2
swim str 0=0+0+0
Tumble dex 10=7+0+1+2
use magic device cha 0=0+0+0
use rope dex 8=7+0+1
pick pockets dex 12=7+4+1

Short sword 2
long sword 5
long bow 1

2 gloves of dexterity, Cloak of elvenkind +10 to hide checks, Leather armor +2, Long bow, Long Sword, Short sword, Blue Doublet w/ silverstar medal, 3 poison powders… mix with water or blood and apply to weapon save vs. poison effect sleep 1d10 rounds, Scroll of teleportation, 50 feet rope, Grappling hook, 4 bags of Foot Catrops, 4 bags of Foot Marbles, Gold Ring of the Dwarves (2 Dex),

Language: Druidic and Feral Elf

Carrying Capacity:
Light Load: Medium Load: Heavy load: Lift over head: lift off ground: push or drag:

Leather Backpack
Leather sack (4020 gold)

Copper: 0, Silver: 0, Gold: 4020, Platinum: 0, Gems: 2 rough rubies, Art: emerald ring w/ 2 gemstones and jade ring on my right and left hands.

Elven Blood-windelf +10 movement increase,
Weapon Fenisse add dexterity modifier to Base attack bonus,
Point Blank Shot +1 hit +1 damage w/ bows within 30 feet
Two Weapon Fighting reduce duel wielding penalties to -2 first weapon and -4 second weapon

Special Abilities:
Farel Elf-

Sneak attack 4d6 plus weapon
Trap Sense +2
Trap Finding
Improve Uncany Dodge

Experience Points: 28,000, Level: 8, Experience needed for next level 9: 36,000

Army of Archer:
Company name is Blackwatch
Aility scores: Str 10, Dex 12, Con 10, Int 10, Wis 10, Cha 10
10 Archers Level 2 and 30 Archers Level 1
Equipment: Long Bow with 20 Arrows each, Chain Shirt, Wooden Shield, Short Sword Long Spear, and Dagger.


Feral Elf rogue, he wears a set of ? for armor enchanted with the same foggy/mist. Looking at him you can see he is armed with ? and ?. You also notice this about him, ?. On one of his hands he bears an ?? ring set with a large smokey bloodstone that almost seems to shed a cloak of darkness around him.

Hes not too good at finding things, but he can fix any lock that is malfunctioning. He is a respectable locksmith by profession.

He also likes to ?? and to ??

He hates ?? because ??

His dream or “primary goal” is to??
His first goal is to??
Then what?

Whats his motivation?

OVallah Wyldmane

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