Prielghari is a god of many faces. The Five-in-One, as the deity is also known, is neutral and
holds sway over the elements as wood elves recognize them. Prielghari nurtures and guards elemental creatures, both on their native planes and on the Material Plane, and preserves the delicate balance between these often opposite forces of nature.

Clerics of Prielghari nearly always hold some aspect of the god—head, heart, hands, or feet—above the others in importance, although they revere the whole as well. A few wood elves place no emphasis on any particular portion of the body, choosing instead to worship
the balance Prielghari represents.

Some high elves also revere this deity, believing that Prielghari represents all that is true, magical, and particularly elven about the world. They too honor no one part of the god’s nature above the rest. To these worshipers, Prielghari’s entirety is a great tree (and by extension, wood) encapsulating all the other elements within it. The roots delve deep into the earth and absorb the minerals that form metal. Water runs through the limbs, trunk, roots, and leaves, bringing life and nutrients. Fire cleanses the forest, spreading the tree’s seeds on the capricious wind to continue the natural cycle of life in new homes.

In wood elf depictions of Prielghari, the god’s feet are planted in the earth, the body stands
straight and tall, while arms and crown stretch forth to the sun. Prielghari’s combined nature translates into a unique way of granting spells to various clerical factions.

Those who worship the hands (usually fire elves), the god’s domains are Fire, Strength, and Sun, and the favored weapon is the great-axe.

Those who worship the heart (metal elves) have access to the domains of Earth, Protection, and War, with the war-hammer as the favored weapon.

Those who worship the head (water elves), Prielghari’s domains are Healing,Knowledge, and Water, and the favored weapon is the trident.

And finally, worshipers of the feet (wind elves) access the domains of Air, Luck, and Travel, with whip the favored weapon.

For those who revere the deity as a whole, the Five-in-One grants access to the Air, Earth, Fire, Protection, Water,and Wood domains (see Chapter Five: Spells and Magic for information on the Wood domain), and the favored weapon is the quarterstaff.

Elemental Sects of Prielghari
Over time, as the religion of Prielghari grew, sects splintered off from the core church. Individuals within these sects, in an effort to grow closer to Prielghari, found ways to merge
with their element of choice, giving rise to the elemental elves. Each sect has its own dogma.

Fire is the consumer of all, and the ultimate purifier. It cleanses the land, making it ready for new life to flourish.Fire should not be feared but respected, as should all of
Prielghari’s creatures.

Metal is the earth’s gift. It shapes the tools that harvest food and build homes, providing peace and security. It also forms weapons to defend the land and its chosen people. Metal is
strong, but it can be bent to serve any purpose.

Water is the life-giver. Without it, the world would be a barren wasteland. Water is also the destroyer. It can wear away stone over millennia or it can crash from the sea and heavens, erasing in seconds what took days, weeks, or years to construct. Water is unpredictable and fickle, but it is in everything.

Wind moves the air, traveling over the land, exploring new
places, and seeking new knowledge. It carries the seeds of life
to far-off destinations. The wind must be honored because it
sees more of the world than anyone can, even the long-lived

Wood is the body of the tree, the sum of all elements. Fire gives it a chance to reproduce, metal in the earth helps it grow, wind carries its seed and its voice, and water feeds its tallest branches and its deepest roots. Wood brings all else together in harmony.


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