Name: Soroku
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Height: 5’6”
Hair: ?
Skin: ?
Eyes: ?
Class(‘s): Paladin
Level(’s): 3
HP: 24
Base Speed: 30’

Known Languages: Common, +1
Alignment Lawful Evil
+4 STR 19
-1 DEX 9
-1 CON 9
+1 INT 13
+1 WIS 13
+4 CHA 18

20 Roll. Darkest Blooded

6 BAB Melee str mod 4+2
1 BAB Ranged dex mod 2-1

Starting Skills. + Points to Spend.( 20 )

Use Magic Device 1
Ride 4
Pray 6
Knowledge:Religion 4
Weapon Training 6
Endurance 3
Local History 3
Local Laws 3
Diplomacy 4
Spear 1
Long Sword 1
Shield 1
Morning Star 1

Paladin Abilities
Aura of Evil-is equal to pally level for cleric aura

Detect Good, as per the Spell.

Smite Good 1x Per day the Dark Knight may make an attack adding CHA Modifier to the roll, +1 dmg per level of paladin.

Divine Grace, Gains a Bonus +1 per Paladin Level to all saving throws.

Harm Touch, 1x per day may Cause [CHA Bonus + 1 Per Level] of Damage to occur to any touches being, may divide it however You wish to.

+1 Feat for Being Human
+1 Feat for being 1st level PC
+1 Birthright Feat
Low-light Vision

Banded Mail
Tower Shield Blackened
Long Sword
Morning Star


The Above should be your character sheet as accurate you can make it. In here is your backstory, as well as a description of your character


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