Character Creation

Looking around at each of you Glomp snorts smoke and flames from his nose.

“Now that you know the differences in this world, if you still wish to experience the World of Darkness then I bid you Welcome to this Land.”

“Continue upon you journey onwards through my words. Should you find anything not to your liking simply do not continue farther and return yourself to Earth. Do not complain or moan about not being able to embrace the Darkness that YOU bid Dungeon Master Bryan to bring to you.”

“Now comes the time you have been waiting for.”

“Building a character for this Bryan’s Evil Campaign. While we work upon your body, consider in your mind what class you will be. Anything from 3.5 or d20 is allowed. Do not finalize your choice as of yet though. That will not be locked in until step VII. After you have made your Offering to the Darkness.
I. The Bones of your Body
Each of the six primary attributes starts at 8 points. You have a pool of 30 points to spend, as you will. Each increase costs 1 point, and you may add 1 or all 30 points to a stat.
II. The Flesh of your Body
Now is the time to look back at Races Allowed and choose which of the 20 races you will be.
III. The Bits of your Body
This sometimes minor choice will have far reaching effects across the entire world.
If you choose to be male, increase your STR,DEX,CON by 1 point each.
If you choose to be female, increase your INT,WIS, CHA by 1 point each.
IV. Are you Blooded or Landen?
Roll a d20 to determine your Birthright Jewel, if any. If you wish you may spend any or all of your action points you can increase the d20 total by 1 per AP.
1-8 | Landen | Not Blooded
9 | White | Light Blood
10 | Yellow | Light Blood
11 | Rose | Light Blood
12 | Summer Sky | Light Blood
13 | Purple Dusk | Light Blood
14 | Opal | Light Blood
15 | Green | Dark Blood
16 | Sapphire | Dark Blood
17 | Red | Dark Blood
18 | Gray | Dark Blood
19 | Ebon-Grey | Dark Blood
| Black | Dark Blood

Regardless of the results each body will gain +1 Feat at first level and every odd levels there-after, in addition to those granted every third level.
V. Your Offering to Darkness
You must decide for yourselves and write down for me what you will offer to the Darkness. It can be anything, from a blade of grass or grain of sand to the live of every soul in a City, Country, Game-world, Even one of your characters Arms or Legs for that matter. Be as creative as you can be. For if the Queen is well pleased with your offering; I Glomp, have the power and authority to increase either your birthright Jewel rank or if very impressed you starting level. Based on your offering it is possible to go from Landen to Black Jeweled or vice-versa.

VI. Changes to your body structure based upon your Offering.
Everyone is changed, sometimes physically and sometimes mentally from the Offering.
d6 | Attribute Changed | Hero-Quest Die Roll | Bonus
1 | Charisma | Shield (1-2-3) | +3
2 | Constitution | Skull (4-5) | +2
3 | Dexterity | Fang (6) | +1
4 | Intelligence |
5 | Strength |
6 | Wisdom |

If you roll the Fangs you may re-roll both the dice again. However if on the second roll you pull the Fangs again you will loose 3 points from BOTH attribute’s. This will result in a max loss of 6 points from any stat as well as a max gain of 4 points to any one stat.

These rolls must be witnessed by someone else, preferably by me.

Lastly at this point you should be able to tell which attribute is your highest one. You will gain +1 Feat for every 10 points you have in the attribute. 10-19 = +1 Feat, 20-29 = +2 Feat, 30-39 = +3 Feat, 40-49 = +4 Feats.
VII. Your Characters Occupation or Class.

All base classes from any 3.5 or d20 book is available assuming you fit the requirements of the class. Look at Class changes for the Changes to Base Classes for this world. If you want any other changes talk with me about it.
VIII. Stretch you mind and muscles (Skills)
Read Suggested Skills to Learn

If Landen use [2*INT Bonus] for starting skills.
If Light Blooded use [3*INT Bonus] for starting skills.
If Dark Blooded use [4*INT Bonus] For starting skills.

Regardless of if you are blooded or Landen there IS not hard cap to the total points you can spend on any given skill. For example a artificer with 20 INT; could put all 25 points into Use Magic Device, allowing him or her to read a 5th level scroll with no chance of failure.

If you are Blooded “Use Magic Device” IS a class-skill for you, regardless of your starting class.
If you are Landen “Skill of choice” IS a class-skill for you, except for Use Magic Device regardless of starting class.
IX. What Alignment Does Your Body Follow?

If Landen -You may be any alignment.
If Light Blooded -You may be LN, NE, LE.
If Dark Blooded -You may only be LE.

The Alignment of TN does not exist. Be aware that your alignment will fluctuate during the course of adventuring, I will warn you if you draw near to changing to a different alignment.
For a more detailed view of the alignment system please see Alignment Information
_________________________________________________________________________________________________X. Feats and Hands

Total up your Feats and Pick them. You may choose anything from any 3.5 or d20 book, even the epic handbook assuming that you meet the requirements for them (ignoring any level restrictions).

XI. Starting Gear
Your starting gear is based upon what type of Armor you can wear.

Heavy = Banded Mail, Tower Shield, Spear, Long Sword, Morning Star, Tabard, Bassinet.
Medium = Breastplate, Large Wooden Shield, Spear, Long Sword, Morning Star, Tabard, Bassinet.
Light = Leather, Buckler, Spear, Long Sword, Morning Star, Tabard, Bassinet.
None = Padded Robe, Spear, Long Sword, Morning Star, Tabard, Bassinet.

Note: You may sell back any item to the Armory for Half of the market Value.

If you are blooded you are also issued a signet rings set with your Birthright Gemstone. The metal of the ring is based upon your noble status, which is up to you; until your first hunt. If you do not decide you will be treated as a commoner and issued copper rings.

XII. Gifts from the Dark Queen

If you have Blooded I have been authorized to give you any two items from the Armory worth up to 6000 Gold pieces in combined market value.

If you are Landen I have been authorized to give you any number of items worth up to 12000 Gold Pieces in combined market value.

In addition you are all granted a Signet ring that will allow you to deposit or withdraw 1 item per level from your vault as a move action from anywhere.

XIII. Final Curses or Blessings…

You are all granted a personal storage vault type I-A with House Kundarak that is accessible via your Signet ring from anywhere. This Vault will hold 50 pounds of assorted gear. there is a monthly fee of 100 Gold. The first month is paid for already. After the first month you MUST pay in person at any House Kundarak Branch in a city with a population of 1000 or more.

Glomp walks up to each of you, looking you over from heat to toe and toe to head.

“You… You… You… and You will do her Bidding or Die.”

Character Creation

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