Ancient History 101

“In the Beginning was once a mighty Empire stretched across all the Lands. It was a time ruled by Titans of fearsome size with a few words or gestures they were able to work wonders unmatched even in our present age. (2000 years pass)”

“They ruled for two thousand year unchallenged until one day they tried to use there powers to summon a being from another world. The Power they summoned was not exactly what they wished for they brought forth a Golden Dragon who was greatly angered at being summoned from his studies to this world. This Dragon was crafty in his anger, instead of outright attacking the Titans of old he instead demanded that the Titans free all their slaves. He managed to convince the Titans that freed men would work harder and more diligent then a slave would. Thus the Second-born, Dwarves and Elves, were set free and lived amongst the Titans, not quite as equals but as more then slave and master.”

“Over time the Golden One was able to breed with and teach some of the Second-born the Secrets of what we call Low Sorcery, using their new inborn abilities the Second born were able to match the Titans with there Power. (3000 years total)”

“There was a great war between the First and Second-born the Titans and their former slaves. It is uncertain how long exactly this First War lasted but when it was finished, The Land was shattered into three pieces, most of the Titans were upon the 2nd and 3rd pieces with the Elves and Dwarves holding most of the 1st piece in their combined grasps.”

“It was decided then that due to the powerful nature of High Magic an organization was needed to structure all advanced forms of Magic beyond the 2nd Circle so Towers of High Magic were created to be jointly run by and administered by three orders, one dedicated to creation and one to destruction as well as those that walk the narrow path between to serve as a balance least one faction gain to much power for to many generations.”

“The next eight hundred year pass by fairly quickly, for it was after all but four generations for a Dwarf and two for an Elf. Frostiuys was the name chosen by both as their Empire would be known to themselves. They were safe the Titans mostly stayed to the other two lands. Until one day these that remained upon Trianglus felt they were strong enough to bring the battle once again to the Dwarves and Elves of Frostiuys. These battles were long and fierce but Finally the Titans were at last all slayed and there was great rejoicing amongst the people of Frostiuys. (3800 years)”

“Nothing was heard of the Golden Dragon that freed them some eight hundred years past, some thought he had returned to his home plane, others began to even doubt his very existence at all, still others believed that he watched over the people of Frostiuys from atop a mountain peak, yet others believed that he choose to enter the field on one of the other Lands.”

“New and different races began to appear over the next forty-three hundred years. Centaurs, Changlings, Gnomes, Halflings, Minotaurs , Ogres and Shifters at first their was peace between the six new races all was united under the guidance of the Frostiuys Empire, but something happened and even to this day we do not know exactly what it was, all records having been pretty much destroyed or lost over the years. But after 51 centuries the Empire of Frostiuys was finally defeated. (8100 years)”

“The very world was changed again by this war. No longer did one Empire govern all the lands but hundreds of small kingdoms sprang up, the next nineteen hundred years saw the rise and fall of more kingdoms and empires then grains of sand upon the beaches.(10,000 years pass)”

History 101

Ancient History 101

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