History 101

Recent History: The Last 5000 years.

The Elves discovered the secret of smelting Iron and shaping it. They were able to forge and bring to life a Metal version of themselves. In respect to the old ties they had with the Dwarves they showed the secrets of Smith-craft to them, in exchange for a promise that they would enter the mountains and not return to the surface until a score of generations had passed.((5000 years ))

Most of the Dwarfs agreed and went into the mountains, a third of them went deep, deep, deep beneath the earth another third went up into the mountains and actually hollowed them out from the inside. The final third of the Dwarven kind remained on the surface moving to the Hills surrounding those mountains, to act as a form of guard for Those That Went Below.

The Elves used their Metallic creations to conquer the land and create their own Empire, enslaving all of the Third-born races.

The Elven Empire ruled uncontested for four thousand years until, somehow, the other races learned the secrets of smelting Iron. The Third-born races created a living constructs, as sort-of Golem like creature of all shapes and sized built for one purpose, they became known as the Forged Ones, that purpose being to hunt and kill Elves.(14000 years pass)

The next hundred years saw warfare between between the Third Born with their Forged Ones and the Elves with their Metallic Elves. (14100 years pass)

During this time there was a burst of exploration at some of the Ancient Titan ruins by the Third-born. It was discovered that they Titans had summoned the Golden Dragon who in turn Freed the Elves and Dwarves from their slavery. A religion sprang up almost over night and spread like wildfire across all of the Third-born. Many Temples were build to appease this Draconic Legend, in the hopes that he would again appear.

After another hundred years of warfare with no end in sight, still the Golden One had not appeared. Tired of their losses the Elves called for a Truce and it was granted. The Forged Ones and The Metallic elves would no longer be used for war instead they would be used as Sentinels and ordered to patrol the coastal waters evermore to keep watch in-case the Titans one day strove to return to Trianglus. (14200 years pass)

The next six hundred years were seen as a time of great prosperity across all of Trianglus, poverty was abolished the races intermingled in a multitude of ways. The fourth-born race appeared elves that could sometime shift forms like a druid or changeling could. For a time things were truly at peace across the land. (14800)

Then a strange sight was seen in the air over Trianglus. A city that appeared to be flying was falling from the Heavens it took weeks to hit the ground. Numerous smaller vessels appear to be attacking it, though it was hard to see clearly even with the most potent scrying attempts.

The city did crash? or land? (the record appears to be stained and not clear to your eyes) as for some reason did those smaller ships. The residents of the City we know to be a race people that called themselves the Phlem, though we know them as humans. They begged for assistance as they under siege by a race they called the Treflings who were bent on their total destruction.

Knowing the price of warfare the residents of Trianglus pulled back their troops and created a massive set earthworks surrounding the city ship. The Trianglus peoples wanted nothing to do with any war with outsiders from above the sky.

In the almost forgotten temples to the Golden One, his statues spoke instructing his remaining faithful devotee’s to march to war and aid the Phlem, if they would do so He would grant them great powers and abilities, so they did.

The moment they crossed the earthworks the Golden One’s Followers became transformed to the race we know today as the Aasimar.

With the reinforcement of the Aasimar the Phlem were able to push back the Treflings and scatter them like dust before a gust of wind.

Unfortunately a plague soon ripped across all of Trianglus. It decimated the population, killing millions in days. The Phlem were able to used their advanced knowledge to bring about a cure in a matter of weeks.

There were rumors that the plague was caused somehow by the Treflings, Minotaurs, Centaurs, Shifters and Ogres Needless to say another war was started between the Good and Evil races that has lasted the past three hundred years. The City-ship of the Phlem has long since been dismantled for war parts and defensive structures.

The Dwarves long forgotten by all, opened the gates of their mountain fortress and rolled forth with a new type of technology, Steel and Steam. They blazed a trail across the surface uniting all their Mountains by metal tracks laid down upon the ground. They have set themselves up as merchants selling their technology to those that can afford it on both sides, staunchly aiding none and trading with both sides of the battle.

The battle rages across all the sea, air and land of Trianglus, no side yet being in clear advantage over the other. The firearms from the Dwarves have turned even a band of farmers into a force to be reckoned with…

(15000 years have passed since the start of “recorded history”)

History 101

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