Magical System

A Treatius upon Magicius
By Professor Entioz Varieztoz

Arcane Magic.
You probably think that you know all there is to know, its more customizable. In time a simple 0th level spell can be given range and a damage increase.

Damage OR Healing of Spells can be increased by +1HP/DMG per Point Spent
Area of Effect can be increased by +1’ per Point Spent
Range can be increased by 1’ per Point Spent (handy for turning a touch spell into a ranged spell)
Saving Throws can be made harder by +1 DC per Point Spent

One Last thing to bear in mind Regarding Spell and Skill Points.
1 Spell Level takes up 1 Page in a Spell Book, Every 10 Points spent on a spell add 1 page to the spell (or Scroll)
Any of the version of the spell above would take 3+10 or 13/100 Pages in a Spell Book.

An arcane caster may carry as many spell books as he or she wishes to a basic tome has but 100 pages and is bound in leather wrapped wood, a bard as many song books that serve the same purposes.

It is common knowledge amoungst all thousand and one villages.. Once an apprentice magi is ready to intone the words of magic of the third circle, time will stop and they and perhaps their companions too will be summoned to The Tower, to undertake the Test. Some few return to their old lives with a robe they wear once in a while. When the moon is full, or absent in the sky. Others though never return where they came from before they take the Test.

All those that do not take it are hunted down by wizards specially trained to hunt other magi. The power coursing through them is enough to eventually drive all those who fail to take the Test insane. The Tower Huntsmen are given right of passage upon ALL road as they strive to protect ALL lands from another war such as the one that drove the Titans away, so many aeon’s ago.

Thus all Bards and Wizards are forced to take one level in the prestige class Wizard of High Sorcery,

in the Work of the Tower all are treated as equals regardless of which color robes someone wears.
(each of the three orders words it slightly differently.)

Divine Magic
is much simpler. There are four elements that make up the ’verse, well five really but one is the absence of everything else, then again there is positive and negative or good and evil or those that tread the line. But I digress. Four Elements, Earth, Air, Fire, Water. Divine magic is brought about by focusing your willpower on bringing about the required action subconsciously combining the four elements in another dimension to bring about a change here, the same manner as one of us wizards casts a spell, just a different method..

Some people believe that there are actually still gods around, all know that golden dragon was the last to be seen and that was years back, so there are in fact none around, Those same people call them by various names, who am I to judge if that is what they need to do to make magic happen. we must deal in fact not fiction

Magical System

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