Monitary Values

Currency takes many forms.

Copper Iron Silver Gold Platium Mithril Crowns Andicite Tears of the Immortals

The Values are as follows
(.01 G) 100 Copper Capul’s to the Gold Guilder
(.05 G) 20 Iron Iosia’s to the Gold Guilder
(.10 G) 10 Silver Seran’s to the Gold Guilder
(1 G ) 1 Golden Guilder to the Gold Guilder
(100 G) Gold Guilder’s to the Platium Prince
2000 Gold coins to a Golden Crown
(5 Crowns) 100 Platium Prince’s to the Mithril Mountain
(500 Crowns) 100 Mithril Mountain to the Andicite.
(50,000 Crowns) 1 Tear of the Immortal’s

The “Tears of the Immortals” are neigh priceless. Entire lands have been laid waste for but 1 piece. If one were somehow to find one for sale there gold value worth would be roughly 100 Million Gold Coins.

Monitary Values

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