The Story Thus Far

Before you stands a huge Minotaur, a giant maul rests under his hands, strapped across his back is giant battle-axe. His pale ivory broken horns stand out against his deep ebony platemail, which seems to absorb most of the light in the room. His eyes seem to burn with a fiery light deep inside of you, where you have hidden away the last of your goodness.

He says in a deep rumble. “On behalf of our Dark Queen, I Glomp do bid you welcome to this the Dungeon Master Bryan’s Evil Campaign. Her Majesty bid’s me to tell you of the differences between this shadow world and the others you may have traveled within.”

“You see, our world lies in another dream, a different conjecture of space and time.”

“In our time the date is year 2 The date today is 28 Sypheros, Your hunt will start at sunrise of the 1st of Ardith. Remember the basics, there are still only a dozen months of 28 days each with a year length of 340 days, Counting the four hidden days.”

“Well, not so much hidden, but they stand outside of normal time. They are the Winter solstice when Evil rules the day and Good cowers inside. The Spring Solstice when Law turns Chaos aside. The Summer Solstice when Evil hides from Goodness. The Fall Solstice when Chaos scatters Law to the four winds.”

“Your mission is re-assemble the four artifacts of power and finish what the King of Darkness started.

“But first I am to tell you more of the differences between this world and others.”

“The old world is made of a few hundred small kingdoms barley a couple miles in size.”

Ancient History 101

The Story Thus Far

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