Name: Calanon
Player: Beltz
Class: 4th Musketeer/2nd Ranger
Race: Half elf/ Tiefling
Type: 2-5
Alignment: Evil
Religion: Druidic
Size: M
Age: 37
Gender: male
M Height: 5ft 5inch

Strength:10 Modifier: -0
Dexterity:28 Modifier: 9
Constitution: 20 Modifier: 5
Intellect: 12 Modifier: 1
Wisdom: 10 Modifier: -0
Charisma: 4 Modifier: -3

AC: 33 =10+-14+9+0+0 Touch: 19 Flat-footed: 19
Armor: Mithril Breastplate 3 of Heavy Fortification (Immunity to all critical hits)(9armor)
HP: 98
Action Points: 6
Damage Reduction: 5 fire/cold/electrical
Initiative: +9

Fortitude Save: = 9
Reflex Save: = 16
Will save: = 3

Base Attack Bonus: = 15/10
Base Ranged Attack Bonus: = +15/10
Spell Resistance: 15 w rapier in hand.
Grapple: = 15 + grapple skill#
Speed/movement: 30

Death Oath* Revolver with Fiery Red Tracer* rounds
OH : Left
Attack Bonus: 21/16 Damage: 1d10+3 Critical: 20×3 Ammo: 6 Round clip x 10 (60 shots)
*Death Oath -Your chosen enemy suffers dc22 fort safe IF make save suffer 3d6+19 Damage
*Tracer rounds grant +2 Hit target

Wyrdweave* Revolver of the Muse*
MH : right
Attack Bonus: 21/16 Damage: 1d10+3 Critical: 20×3 Ammo: 6 Round clip x 10 (60 shots)
*Forged from the very essence of Magic, it can appear however you desire it to.
*Grants a +5 bonus to any/all craft checks

Sync* Rifle with a Vorpal* Bayonet
Standard clip
Attack bonus: 21/16 Damage: 1d10+6 Critical: 20×3 Ammo: 6 Round Clip x 10 (60 shots)
*Each round fired at the same target increase to Hit and Damage by +1 per round to a +10max
*a roll of 20 that connects with the bayonet will remove the head of your target.

Melee Weapon: Iconic* Rapier of spell resistance*
Attack Bonus: 9/4 Damage: d6 Critical: 20×3
*Transforms into a belt buckle when not wielded.
*Grants 15 Spell Resistance when wielded.

Melee Attack Option:
Main Hand: Reaper 15/9 hit 1d8 Critical 19-20×2
Off Hand: pistol as club 9/4 d critical 20×3

Ranged Attack Options:
Rifle with Rapid Fire: 3 bullets per round. : +19, +19, +14 to Hit.

Skills 80pts

  1. Name (stat+ranks+bonus/synergy)
    4 Animal Lore
    4 Animal Kin
    1 Balance
    3 bluff
    1 Bow (choice)
    1 Climb
    13 Craft: Firearms
    2 diplomacy
    10 Diplomacy
    2 Disable Device
    1 Escape Artist
    3 Gather Information
    4 hide
    3 know direction
    2 listen
    3 make maps
    3 Move Silently
    4 Monster Lore
    1 Munitions
    3 Navigation
    2 Profession: Soldier
    2 Profession: Weapons Drills
    6 Ride
    1 search
    1 Sense Motive
    13 Spot
    1 Staff
    8 Tracking
    1 Tumble
    1 Use Rope
    10 Use Steamcraft Device
  1. Weapon Skill (Bonus)
    1 Reaper
    40 Repeater Rifle
    40 Revolver

Languages: Common, Elvish, Infernal,Draconic

Carrying Capacity:
Light Load:
Medium Load:
Heavy load:
Lift over head:
Lift off ground:
push or drag:


Copper: 0, Silver: 0, Gold: 0, Platinum: 0, Gems: 0, Art:
ring w/ ?? on right or left hand.

1 Two Weapon Fighting reduce duel wielding penalties to -2 first weapon and -4 second weapon
1 Weapon Finesse add dexterity modifier to Base attack bonus
1 Ambidexterity reduce duel wielding penalties to -0 first weapon and -2 second weapon
2 Iron Will +2 will saves
4 Improved 2 Weapon fighting. allows a 2nd attack with OH weapon.
6 Leadership allows followers and tactical command of followers/troops.

Special Abilities:
Race – Immune to sleep magic,
gain +2 will vs enchantments,
120ft dark vision,
cast darkness once a day.
Filter 3x per day 8hr duration
Airy water 3x per day 8hr duration
Create Air 3x per day 8hr duration

Class Feats/Abilities
1 Combat reload =Concentration check to reload in combat.
2 Rapid reload =reload as a move action.
3 Reload on the run =Reload as a free action
4 Avoid Fire =1ac if move at some point in turn.
5 Move and I’ll shoot (point blank shot) =
1 to hit under 30’
6 favored enemy +1 hit/dmg to any 1 race/type of being
7 Wild empathy
8 Rapid Shot +1 bullet w one weapon

Experience Points:4,050


Hair is the color of flames and my skin is black, eyes fiery red

Your ears are elongated and jagged and roughly twice the size of a normal elves ears.

You shed stinging tears of blood when you cry. (-4 diplomacy to any Good creature that has seen you cry)

—Your off-hand revolver is a death oath weapon. At one point you swore an oath to kill someone with 10 other beings. (9 of which are now dead.) Perhaps it was your initial rifle squad that swore the oath.. or something entirely different.

—ring w/ ?? on right or left hand. This is the magic ring that activates your vault. Describe it however you want.


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