Breath of the Dragon

Open Faced helm with 3 red dragonscale teeth


+5 Armor Class
Purifies all air-born toxin’s within a 5’ bubble of the wearer.
Allows the wearer to breath water as though it were Air.
Allows the wearer to create enough air to sustain themselves within a Vacuum.


Three teeth extend down around to protect the face. The rest of the helm is created from Mithril.
A pair of copper dragons are entwined around each other on the back of the skull.

This helm was created eon’s ago by a three times master smith. It was part of a set of armor some of which are artifact level in power. This helm guarded the head of the Golden one when he still walked upon the world of Midieka within the Forges of Castle Halisford Crossing. The helm created using the powers of the Battle Axe of the Dwarven Smith. Enchanted by the Golden One in his mortal form of a three quarters mountain dwarf and one quarter Golden Dragon. At that time he went by the name Klokk McDermitt.

The process was fairly simply for a mage smith, complex for anyone else. After the helm was forged in but a heartbeat. The ancient spell of Enchant Item was laid down upon the helm. It was then Blessed over five days by the Priest named Pike. Then helm was enchanted over five more days by Klokk with the Arcane Spell of Filter. The next five days it was enchanted by the Arcane Spell of Airy Water. For the following five days it was enchanted by the Druidess Aleta with the Divine power of Creating Air. On the 21st day of its enchantment the Mage Smith Klokk shed his own blood and health to enchanted the Helm with a final Arcane Spell known as Permanency.

Eon’s ago when the Titan’s summoned the Golden one from where he was upon the world of Larossia this helm and many other items were brought forth with him and scatted to the four corners of our fair world. It has passed though many many hands over the eon’s finally ending up with the Pharaoh Amun Khonsue and inturned within his Burial pyramid. To be discovered years later by the Elven lords of Dark Haven and granted to the Huntsman known as Calanon.

Breath of the Dragon

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