Races Allowed

Her Majesty, Commands me to tell you of the races that make up this world and the differences between them here and where you hale from.”

Asimarr; They speak Celestrial and either Common for free. They are all Good or Neutral in alignment. They were Aiesimar before binding with Quiore spirits Eons ago. Their skin color is white if they speak Galifarian and black if they speak Sarlonan, allowing them to better blend in with their prey. If they ever become evil they loose -1 CON per day until they complete an atonement, Only a Wish or Miracle will restore the Con loss.”

Centaur; In the ancient battles great and powerful magic was used to fuse mankind and a horse, the centaur was born of that union. Powerful steads with the upper body of a man or woman they make excellent light or heavy Calvary.”

Changeling; Have their own language that they speak for free. They have a city somewhere in western Flamedair. It stands as a sanctuary for all Changelings or Shifter types as well as even some of the remaining True Lycanthropes who survived the purging. They are however not able to shift their forms into the subtypes of “Construct” living or otherwise, nor are they able to shift into “Undead” or “Deathless”; Well they CAN shift, but some force of magic does not allows them shift back save through a Wish or Miracle."

Dwarf; Have but one language they speak for free. There are three subtypes. Dark Dwarves, who dislike all other races about as strongly as do the high elves; Mountain -those that went under mountain for the past 5000 years. and Hill Dwarves those that remained upon the surface.”

Elf; Have but two languages they may choose one from for free they are Ancient(giant tongue) or Modern(Elvish). They can be either Feral or High Elf, or a Warforged like being called a metal or stone elf.”

Gnome; Have but one language they speak for free. They can be of any subtype.”

Half-Elf; Have no language of their own. They may be of any subtype. Regardless of which subtype they are they gain a +2 DEX adjustment and ignore all other adjustments based on subtype.”

Halfling; .typical as per the PHB.”

Half-ork; They speak orkish for free. Regardless of subtype they gain +2 STR and ignore all other stat adjustments.”

All humans breed true to their maternal side and they also gain +1 Feat at first level.”

Minotaur; They speak the Giant Tongue for free. They are either Large or Huge sized beings.

Ogre ; "Large, strong, hearty, dumb, ugly, confused.. not much more to say about them.

Shifter; Have the same tongue as changelings and have the same hidden city as their cousins do as well.”

Trefling; They speak Infernal for free. They are either red-skinned with black hair or black-skinned with red hair. They are all evil or neutral in alignment. If they ever become good they loose -1 CON per day until they complete an atonement, Only a Wish or Miracle will restore the Con Loss.”

Forged Ones; They all speak Common and one addition language for free. They can bear either of the Dragon-Marks of Making or Healing. Across all of Trianglus they are considered as free as any other race. House Cannith still produces them for a price. Some Warforged have joined as full members of House Cannith.”

Races Allowed

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